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Java Magazine: Using multiple Docker Containers

Interesting How-to article by  Arun Gupta

Java Magazine January/February 2016

page  72


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Case Study: Docker (1/3)


Dear friends!

Here I’d like to introduce to you a one of most impressive virtualization technology of the last several years — Docker.

Docker represents a new level of virtual technique — a container. It based on host operating system and is able to use kernel features. Each container can run a different software, such as  Apache, nginx, tomcat, etc, as well as virtual machines and guest operating systems. Unlike of traditional virtualization, like Oracle VM or VmWare, where you need to install a guest operating system, containers use host resources.

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Case Study: Docker (2/3)

small_h-darkWell, in previous post we’ve prepared 5 nodes (manage, registry and 3 compute nodes) for Docker implementation. Also we’ve installed Docker Trusted Registry. In this post I’m going to install Universal Control Plane — UCP.

There are two ways to install UCP — Evaluation and Production installation. In this post Production installation is considered. Documentation hardly recommend to read «Plan a production installation». Read UCP concepts and hardware&software requirements. We’ll follow to this document, but without optional steps, you may do it by yourselves.

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