Oracle and a Cloud Slavery

Few month ago I saw that Oracle Corp. announced Oracle Standard Edition 2.

Well, nice to see a progress in product line development. But at first time I couldn’t find any info about edition differences. Oracle’d changed design of it’s web-site,  now it looks like a housewives is it’s marketing target, not a professionals.

Today I’ve found a brief about SE2… In few words, they decided to join SE and SE One.

Well. I’m really shocked! Oracle forces SMB customers to use it’s Cloud… I really couldn’t understand why…

Let’s start the list of sadness:

  1. They had decreased amount of CPU sockets from 4 to 2 (Twice, damn it!!!)
  2. Whatever CPU you have decided to run on, you will be limited to 16 threads for two sockets!!! (WTF?!) Even in RAC environment.

Well.. Quite pity, isn’t it?

Let’s read Q’n’A section:

«Zero-Cost License Migration from SE»

I would like to see that idiot how will agree to change full 4-socket license for this piece of… decide yourselves what is it.

And at last:

«Consider an upgrade to Oracle Enterprise Edition or Oracle Database Cloud Service»

Oh, I see!!! That’s the point! Now your have only to spend a lot of money for EE or trust to a «trusted» company with a very secure data center, but you can’t control a thing in it.

Welcome to a CLOUD SLAVERY!!!



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